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It was obvious to us. Though fine taste in tea is widespread, yet fine teas are often priced out of reach for most people. What’s more, tea dust is mixed with whole leaves to add ‘commercial appeal’ for flavor and color. And the more affordable range of tea bags are packed too tight in filter paper so the infusion is far from satisfactory. Therefore in 2016, we set up Imperial Tea with a primary focus of bringing the experience of fine tea to the modern appreciator. Our team sources whole tea leaves from speciality plantations around the world, going far and deep into the mountain area to work directly with tea farmers. That’s how we bring you the best, consistently great tea that is affordable for all. Our journey will not stop here. We will continue from the deep mountain road through the silk road and travel west in search of the fine tea for all. We are inspired to bring premium traditional Asia tea to all in a modern way!

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Our Vision

A satisfying cup of tea for the busy you

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Our Mission

Continuing to find new exclusive tea blends.

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Our Value

A tea perfectly matched for every occasion

Teas with Benefits

Imperial Teas can be appreciated for their good taste, soothing qualities and health benefits unique to each variety. These include aiding in Weight loss, Anti-aging, Stress relief, Enhanced digestion, Balanced blood pressure and even Reducing bad breath, Relieving fever and Improving vision.


Easy to Make

All you need to do to enjoy the finest tea is to steep your favorite variety of tea-bag in hot water and let it brew for usually 30 to 90 seconds. The tea will release its natural fragrance, taste and color to you perfectly!


Socially Conscious

Imperial Tea is sourced directly from plantations around Asia. We are committed to creating an impact among tea farmers by providing access to employment and improving their communities. In addition we support sustainable farming practices to encourage care for the environment and our planet.


Whole Tea Leaves

No dust and fannings. All varieties of Imperial teas are whole leaves, flowers or berries. They retain their oils and aroma which are major contributors to the overall flavour and experience of your cup of tea.


No Sugar Added

You will notice an authentic fragrance, taste and aftertaste with Imperial Tea. No sugar has been added to mask the experience. Just relax and enjoy!


Silken Tea Bags

Oversized silken bags made in a pyramid shape allow the tea leaves to immerse and swell fully as they brew. The aroma and aftertaste are transferred completely into your cup. Appreciate fine tea conveniently